Technical spec.

Technical spec.

Calibrated ranges1

Pressure:             0 bar … 35 bar (up to 400 bar on demand)

Temperature:       0 °C … 110 °C


(typical, max)

Pressure:             0.1 %F.S. (typ)              0.2 %F.S. (max)

Temperature:       0.2 °C                          0.5 °C


Pressure:             0.01 %F.S. (typ)           0.075 %F.S. (max) 

Temperature:       0.05 °C


Pressure:             0.01 %F.S. (typ)           0.075 %F.S. (max) 

Long-term stability2 Pressure:             0.1 %F.S. (over 1 year)
Real-time calibrated output

Pressure (Pa – bar), Temperature (°C)

Operating range

Temperature:   -20 °C … 120 °C

Pressure:         Atm … 50 bar

Communication 4 – 20mA, USB, RS232, ModBus TCP

Mechanical integration

(other on demand)

By-pass: I/O NPT 1/8″, NeSSI 

Inline, screwable: NPT 1/4″, G 1/8″

Acquisition frequency (max) 1 Hz 
Response time < 1 sec
 Sealing Viton ©, Kalrez © (option)
Wetted parts Stainless steel 316L, Inconel, Hastelloy (option)
Weight 230 g

40mm x 40mm x 40mm (NeSSI design)

Dimensions can be modified for OEM applications

Certifications CE, ATEX – II 1G Ex ia IIC T4

1. The pressure range can be reduced down to 0 – 200 mbar, depending on application’s requirements.

2. Indicated performances have been obtained in controlled laboratory conditions using sensor’s digital output. In practice, additional inaccuracy might arise due to application’s conditions, use of the analog mode, fluid characteristics…