Astori A2200 Proteinmeter

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Product Description

The official determination of proteins, whey proteins and casein in milk

The A2200 Proteinmeter is an equipment for the analysis of proteins, wheyproteins and casein based on the well-known method with the Black Starch Solution. This test protocol can be successfully applied to every kind of milk samples, either pasteurized or UHT, homogenized or powdered, etc.. The Black Starch method is according to the international FIL-IDF standards.

Technical features:

  • Analytical range: 0,20% – 9,99% of proteins
  • Precision: ± 0,02%
  • Digital display, with visualization of the results in % and the calibration curve
  • Sample volume: 1 ml (higher, for analyses of casein and wheyproteins)
  • 3 calibration channels for 3 different kinds of milk
  • Automatic calibration, with selectable modes based on 2 or 3 values
  • RS 232 exit for the connection to a printer or a PC
  • Dimensions: 56 x 25 x 18 (H) cm
  • Weight: 8,5 kg.

Optional accessories and consumables:


Code no.


60355 Astor 8 NEW Centrifuge
60990 Holder for 24 tubes
22002 Pyrex glass tube, 18×180 mm, with screw cap
67320 Tube adapter for Astor 8 Centrifuge
66220 30-ml doser, for bottles
086801248 1-liter glass bottle
9042401002 Precision micropipette for 1.000 μl
29970001 Tubes rotary agitator
DP40RS232B Printer


Code no.


07905443680 Black Starch Powder, for 10 liters of reagent
63165 Washing Solution, 1 liter
37465 Micropipette tips, blue kind, 1.000 pieces
089200110 Absorbing paper, 50×50 cm, 100 pieces