Astori Triton Incubator

Astori Triton Incubator

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Product Description

The 35-liter capacity forced air incubator for your best cultures

The Triton forced air incubator is built in stainless steel. Its reliability is coupled with an excellent thermal stability. Ideal for bacteriological analyses and for all the applications which require an accurate setting and keeping of the temperature values.

Technical features:

  • Stainless steel structure
  • Chamber in enamelled steel
  • Double glass door
  • 3 side supports for trays, made in stainless steel
  • Outlet hole in the bottom of the chamber with external drip tray
  • Internal light with water-proof bulb socket
  • Digital P.I.D. thermal regulator, adjustable from 5°C higher than room temperature to 60,0°C
  • Timer-switch up to 120′, with possibility to select a continuous heating
  • Warning light for the element operation
  • 2 nickel-plated steel grates, supplied
  • Resolution: 0,1°C
  • Precision: ± 0,1°C at 60°C
  • Inner volume: 35 liters
  • Size: 620 x 425 x 405 mm (w x d x h)
  • Weight: 27 kg.