Our top of the range product is our faster calorimeter in the CAL3K range. The CAL3K-AP has a sample repeat speed of 4-6 minutes per sample and can handle more than 10 samples per hour for faster throughput.

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To compare the CAL2K, ECO, E2K, CAL3K-AP, CAL3K-A, CAL3K-U and CAL3K-F Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Systems click here.

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Product Description

DDS CAL3K-AP Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

An automated system with minimum operator input

Our top of the range product is the most automated calorimeter with a repeat sample speed of 7 minutes. Faster speeds are available on request. The CAL3K-AP is used in factories and scientific laboratories alike and requires a minimum of space and installation. It uses no water and requires ~0.5 watt to operate.
The CAL3K-AP Calorimeter uses a combination of the Isothermal and Adiabatic methods, while still using the dry method, i.e. it is waterless. The minimum determination time is up to 5 minutes. There is no need for an external oxygen filling station as the vessel is automatically filled with oxygen inside the bomb calorimeter and the pressure is monitored. The minimum CAL3K-AP system comes complete with the calorimeter, two bayonet bomb vessel and one air cooler. It can be expanded to 4 vessels and 3 coolers should your application requires it.


The CAL3K_AP is useful when a sample can be burned (ignited) and the released heat needs to be measured. It applies to food processing, feed stock composition, material and waste analysis, quality control, recycling and alternative energy harvesting.


Multiple vessels, and multiple coolers to suit your application.