A university focused bomb calorimeter

Our most affordable entry-level system is specifically manufactured for university applications. If you require fast, robust, and accurate results, but need to analyze less than 8 samples per hour, this is the calorimeter for you.

System Comparison
To compare the CAL2K, ECO, E2K, CAL3K-AP, CAL3K-A, CAL3K-U and CAL3K-F Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Systems click here.

Product Documents

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Product Description

DDS CAL3K-U-SystemIt is best suited for a production environment which requires robust, fast, and accurate results. The CAL3K-U is ideal for thermodynamics teaching, analyzing the combustion energy of non-gaseous substances, safety applications, and for research and quality control. The system includes the manual filling station, bayonet bomb vessel and air cooler with the calorimeter.