The EcoSpec® is designed to quantify the oil and grease content in aqueous samples, such as produced water or waste water. Compared to other measurement techniques, it is eco-friendly (CFC- free extraction), fast and easy to use. Its patented technology allows to measure oil and grease in the sub-ppm range within a short measurement time.

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Product Description


  • Based on QCL-IR technology
  • EcoSpec® Analyzer complies with ASTM D7678
  • Designed to quantify oil and grease in water or soil
  • CFC-free extraction
  • High precision (SD: 0.05 mg/L below 10 mg/L)
  • Wide measurement range (0 – 2000 mg/L)
  • Fully portable, rugged design

Knowing the oil content in the process streams, the treatment of the resulting waste water can be optimized and production costs can be decreased. Historically, the measurement of the oil content in produced water and waste water was either time-consuming or required ozone depleting CFCs as solvents. The use of these solvents has been forbidden or restricted by the United Nations Montreal Protocol. The ASTM D7678 standardized test method offers an eco-friendly alternative to measure oil-in-water using non-ozone depleting chemicals. The patented EcoSpec® oil-in-water and oil-in-soil analyzer from QuantaRed Technologies required to run ASTM D7678 yields results within minutes and at unrivaled precision.


  • Oil exploration and production
  • Refinery
  • Water processing
  • Waste water treatment
  • Environmental monitoring of water and soil

The oil and grease content of water or soil is extracted using cyclohexane or cyclopentane. Residual water is captured with sodium sulfate. The water-free extract is then analyzed using QCL Infrared Absorbance Spectroscopy using the EcoSpec® Oil-in-Water analyzer. Ready-made cartridges to measure Total Oil and Grease (TOG) or Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) are available.

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Test Method

ASTM D3921, ASTM D4281, ASTM D7066, ASTM D8193, DIN 38409-H53, DS 208, EN 14039, EN 14345, EPA 1664A, EPA 9071B, IP 426, ISO 16703, ISO 9377-1, ISO 9377-2, ISO 9377-2 mod (OSPAR), MADEPH-EPH, NEN 5733, NEN 6671, NEN 6672, NS 4752, SFS 3009, SS 028144